Wednesday, August 12, 2009


sekiranya manusia ditakdirkan untuk hidup lebih dari sekali di atas muka bumi ini...wanita ini tetap menjadi pilihan aku untuk jadi pasangan hidup...biarpun beratus kali.

selamat hari jadi sayang.

Friday, August 07, 2009

sehari dua ni...

ini yang aku alami sekarang..dah hampir 4 hari. jumpa doktor. Kurang tidor itulah nama penyakitnya. Ubat penyakit ni diberi nama TIDOR!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

less is more...

Business is good lately; I been very busy. Last week one advertising agency asks me to do artwork for them. Yesterday the agency told me theirs client like my work very much and now they want to use my service again for next big project...I told them maybe I do it maybe not…I always put NSTP in front of everybody else. I need to see what these things might do to my schedule.

One person from other publication called me. Offering the same thing what NSTP is offering me now…again I say maybe yes maybe no. I have 9 wonderful years with NSTP. I love every minute of the relationship. Everybody is my best friend now...even the bosses in KL get along just fine with me and they loves my cheap bills very much! So I got no reason to walk away. I made enough money with them. Maybe I can make more money somewhere else. But I wake up every morning feeling good, so why change that for more money.

Things might be different in the future, but right now I'm not planning any alteration in my relationship with NSTP.

I am looking forward for another 9 more years and maybe beyond that. Insyallah!!

Abah aku selalu cakap “banyak habis, sikit cukup”..cuba renung-renungkan.