Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Devil from puerto rico..

He hit his sales target once or twice every 12 months. Among the last one to arrive to the office. Every time the big boss came down from KL..he will get his face wet from the scream he get from his boss. .but still they can’t do anything to change his attitude.
He got a smile that seems to jammed on his face doesn’t matter what happen around him. You can scream, curse and yell anything you want in his face..still you cannot get rid of that smile. Once I heard the boss say “ I gave up. I @#&^* right on his face and still he smiling..like I was not there”.
He got one game nobody can beat him..the PR game, his PR skills saved his ass countless of times..every time he got himself into trouble..even the boss melted when he explains things, why the target was not achieved, why the client was angry…etc.
He spent his time in the office surfing the net..looking for latest trick how to pick up girls…he doesn’t have the brad pitt look but one thing for sure he got plenty of others thing to offer when come to ladies…especially sweet words.
I always consider him as one of my best friend...I always call him “one cent no use salesman” and he just smile away and reply “one cent no use artist”.
He never gets the job done..but nobody knows how to hate him..maybe the devilish smiles and that magic words got something to do with it.

We live only once so why wasting our time worrying. His philosophy in life.

My friend kamal. (his mother from Puerto Rico..that explains the title)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

apasal makcik ni asyik tersengih aje?

orang rumah dapat notebook baru, itupun setelah aku berjaya menjual notebook lama dia..so tak le banyak sangat nak keluar duit untuk ambil yang ini..HP pavilion DV2..grahic cantik..saiz pun tak besar sangat, sesuai dengan taste makcik tu!!

tak kisah le..janji dia happy..

siapa tak sayang bini ooooiiii.....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Akhirnya dapat jugak aku tangkap benda ni...nabilah happy sebab dia dapat ibook G4 lama aku, dia dah tolak tepi eeepc dia. sekarang ni orang rumah pulak sibuk nak minta tukar notebook dia..heheehe lambatle sikit, budget dah susut.